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Requirements, Adjustment and Control of Technical Building Systems

To further improve the energy efficiency of heating and air conditioning systems in existing buildings, legislation was passed on periodic inspection, adjustment and functioning of these systems. Two guides issued for each system describe the work and controls to be carried out by technical systems installers. The aim is to ensure that appropriate maintenance measures are taken for heating and air conditioning systems to operate with the best possible energy efficiency.

In addition, energy efficiency requirements have been established for new systems installed in existing buildings and for existing systems that are being upgraded. In addition to air conditioning and heating systems, the requirements cover hot water production systems, large ventilation systems, lighting systems, automation and control systems and on-site electricity generation systems. Implementation of the requirements is compulsory to the extent that it is technically, functionally and economically feasible.

The Energy Service has created the register of installers in order to ensure minimum quality levels for the installation of systems and their energy efficiency. Quality assurance is expected to gradually increase the confidence of building owners in technical staff working in the field of technical systems of small-scale RES systems as well.

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