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Energy Service Providers

Energy service providers (ESPs), following an energy audit carried out by a licensed Energy Auditor and the relevant results report, provide energy services through the conclusion of an energy performance contract (EPC) with the customer, lasting for a specific period of time, which determines, inter alia, the benefit to the customer arising from the services to be provided by the ESP.

The services of an ESP to the customer include:

developing, designing, and (usually) arranging for the financing of energy efficiency projects;

installation and maintenance of the equipment required for energy efficiency projects;

measurement, monitoring and verification of energy savings;

commitment to the effectiveness of the intervention.

These services are included in the cost of the project and are paid for through the savings achieved. Supporting documents have been prepared for two types of Energy Performance Contracts (EPCs).

Matters relating to the provision of energy services in Cyprus are regulated by the Energy Efficiency Laws of 2009 to 2021 and relevant secondary legislation.

A register of Energy Service Providers is available on the Energy Service’s website.

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