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Energy Audits

Energy auditors can advise entrepreneurs on the most cost-effective energy-saving solutions that can be applied in their business. Businesses at which an energy audit is carried out are expected to receive detailed knowledge of their energy profile. They will also be informed about prioritisation and planning of cost-effective energy-saving measures that they will be able to implement, based on the recommendations proposed by the energy auditor in their report.

Energy audit issues in Cyprus (such as the obligations of large companies to carry out energy audits, guidelines and minimum energy-audit criteria, energy auditor licensing procedures, etc.) are regulated through the Laws on Promotion of Energy Efficiency and relevant secondary legislation.

There are three (3) categories of energy auditors:

Category A: all buildings, regardless of floor area and type of air conditioning system, including ports, airports and street lighting.

Category B: industrial facilities and processes, agricultural facilities

Category C: transport (with the exception of aircraft and ships).

A register of energy auditors is available on the Energy Agency website.

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