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Certification of Small-Scale System Installers

Renewable Energy Systems

The Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry (MECI), in the framework of the Regulations of ‘Regulatory Administrative Act (RAA) 374/2015: the Regulations of 2015 on Promotion and Encouragement of the Use of Renewable Energy Sources (Certification of Small-Scale Renewable Energy Systems Installers)’ (the ‘Regulations’) provides for:

                     i.                        receipt and vetting of applications for registration in the register of small-scale renewable energy source systems installers;

                    ii.                        maintenance and management of a register of small-scale RES systems installers;

                    iii.                       issuing of certificates of competence to installers registered in the register.

Registration constitutes proof that an individual has the skills and qualifications to install a small-scale renewable energy system with a rated output of no more than 30 kW.

Installers may register in one or more of the following categories:

Category A: Installer of biomass boilers and stoves

Category B: Installer of heat pumps

Category C: Installer of solar photovoltaic systems

Category D: Installer of solar thermal systems

In order to register, the applicant must:

have the academic qualifications, professional experience and prerequisite types of training listed in Annex III to RAA 374/2015: the Regulations on Promotion and Encouragement of the Use of Renewable Energy Sources (Certification of Small-Scale Renewable Energy Systems Installers);

attend a training programme organised by an authorised body and pass a theoretical and practical examination organised by an authorised examining body.

The lists of approved training providers and examining bodies are available.

submit an application to the Energy Service, together with the certificates necessary for registration in the register; pay the registration fee of EUR 200 + VAT.

The application for registration in the Register may be submitted by post or in person to the offices of the Energy Agency or sent by e-mail atsoutis@meci.gov.cy ή energyservice@meci.gov.cy.

hold a certificate of registration as an electrical engineer or contractor of electrical installations from the Electromechanical Service (only for Category C: Installer of solar photovoltaic systems).

Registration is valid for six (6) years. Registration is renewed on expiry of the period of six (6) years, provided that the installer:

(a) submits certification that they have completed short training courses organised by a licensed training body in new technologies, legislation and standards for the renewable energy systems in which they specialise.

(b) pays the registration renewal fee of EUR 80 + VAT.

Payment of the fee for registration in the register may be made

                     i.                        at the accounting office of the Ministry of Energy, Trade and Industry at Ανδρέα Αραούζου 6;

                     ii.                       at the Provincial Offices of the Ministry of Energy, Trade, Industry and Commerce;

                     iii.                      by bank transfer. For payment by bank transfer, please find attached the details of the government account.



o  ACCOUNT NUMBER: 6001010

o  ΙΒΑΝ: CY16 0010 0001 0000 0000 0600 1010


The details of the transfer should show:

o  the title of the paying company or name of the applicant;

o  the purpose for which the payment is being made (e.g. payment of registration fee to the register of renewable energy-based systems installers).

For further information please call 22409303, 22409383 or 22606042.

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